Jul. 20th, 2007

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I am off to the HP midnight party at Barnes and Noble in a little bit with [livejournal.com profile] xwillowelfx, just like I did for books 5 and 6. I am excited/nervous/almost dreading the book. I know I will cry. Doesn't matter what happens, it is almost guaranteed. I have meticulously stayed away from spoilers, even changing the radio channel if the words "Harry Potter" were so much as uttered. So in other words, if I get spoiled before I read, I am not responsible for my actions. I better not be holding something pointy. So as of when I post this, I will be offline until I finish reading and compose myself. Then I will hop online like the wind and see what fandom and/or entire internet blew up in a wanksplosion, like last time, but a zillion times worse. Good thing I bought alcohol yesterday.

I am off now to get geeked up, and round up the cat and put him up, since he cannot have the run of the house all by himself. He has claws, and he likes to use them. On my couch. And the drapes. And the carpet. But he is cute, so I will let him live.

Damn it. Why don't I have any HP icons?


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