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I really, really have to stop using shift-delete when I delete things.  I was trying to clean up my mp3 player, since I have like quadruple of some files, a bunch with "unknown" as a name and nothing else, and the most disorganized file structure since my old computer.  I got some of the duplicates out of the way, and was about to erase a file I didn't need, when I saw that I had deleted the wrong file.  Oops, I had deleted the entire main music file.  I thought I had caught it in time, but nope, it was gone.   I have everything backed up, but I still feel like the world's biggest idiot.  And the stupid player doesn't want to resync and get the files back.  I am this close to screaming.  I need the damn thing on my trip to Spartanburg this Saturday.

I talked to my mom today, and it was the first time that she sounded even close to herself.  Yes, it is because of some major medication, and I am sure Tom Cruise would yell at her if he knew she was on them, but if they make her better, I say hooray for drugs.  She says she feels content, but the bad stuff is still there.  It was probably always be there, but if she can mostly get on with her life, I am happy.  She is a bit loopy on the stuff, and probably shouldn't be driving all that much.  Thank goodness her coworkers seem like great people, and one of them drove her home today.  That might have been because she sliced her tire open on a curb the other day.  Sharp granite is not a good curb material.

Tomorrow I have to start the major packing.  I so hate packing.  I get so overwhelmed why I look at all my crap, so I  have to look at it in pieces, like the bathroom will take like 30 minutes to pack, the closet a couple of hours, and so on.  And I have to look into cheap movers, since I don't think I have enough friends available that weekend to help and make it feasible.  I had 4 last time, and it was still very messy, and June in SC is insanely hot, so I don't want anyone passing out.  Any suggestions?

My mom just called me a minute ago.  I started panicking, thinking it was bad news, since I had just talked to her at 5.  She was like, "Hi,what's up?" and I was like, "Hi?"  She had no memory that she had talked to me just a few hours ago.  I guess loopy doesn't really cover it.  Hopefully they will get the dosage right soon.

Yay, the player is done syncing, finally.


Date: 2007-06-22 03:55 am (UTC)
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Glad your mom's doing better, hon. Wish I lived closer to you, then my Jason and I could help you. Not to mention our 9 year old Sam, who loves being helpful, even though he's a friggin' skinny beanpole who couldn't lift a heavy box to save his life, I bet. ;)

Wait, you don't live near the Washington, D.C. area, right? You live in S.C. near Desi & her Jason? Well, nearer to them than to me, anyway. Anywho, let me know if there's anything I can do to help?

I know all about new meds kicking one for a total loop. Here's hoping your mom's doc(s) are able to successfully adjust the dosage ASAP.

Re: *hugs*

Date: 2007-06-22 04:38 pm (UTC)
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Thanks. I am glad my mom is doing better, too. Yesterday she sounded pretty normal, no as loopy. And while the forgotten phone call was a bit spooky, it was also frelling hilarious. She really had no idea.

I live like 20 minutes from Desi and her Jason. It is really nice to be so close, and it will make D*Con easier this year.

Thanks for the offer. I hired a mover yesterday. It is more than I would like to spend, but I figure they will do a better job than me, and I hate driving Uhauls. Plus, I can just sit back and watch them lift my 110 pound tv, 126 pound entertainment center, computer desk, full bedroom suite, two other tvs, one more entertainment center, my couch and tons of bookshelves. Not to mention all the boxes. No heat exhaustion for me this year.


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