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My internet is back!!!  Yay!!!  The tech didn't even have to come out.  I played with the modem, redid all the plugs, and it came back...for a second.  Then it was gone again.  Such torture.  Then I reredid all the plugs, and it came back, and it seems to be here to stay.  What a relief.  I hate being unconnected, unless I am on vacation or something equally good.

It is almost 1 in the afternoon, and I have yet to start packing or anything else useful, besides making a yummy pasta salad for lunch.  So, please, if you are online and so inclined, please bug the hell out of me to get my ass in gear.  I have a shitload of boxes in my car, all nice and candle-smelling and ready to use, save for getting some packing tape and a big honking black marker to label.  And yet, I am watching GH.  I already watched the entire Daytime Emmy preshow and show, just putting off in the inevitable.  At least I now have something to say to Genie Francis if she comes to D*Con with Jonathan Frakes.  "Congrats on the Emmy!" sounds like a good opening line, right?

I hope everyone has a good weekend, and actually gets stuff accomplished, unlike me.  Unless watching tv falls into the stuff accomplished column.
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